RedRover Readers Online Workshop

Three-week, self-paced course
October 5, 2021 through October 26, 2021

RedRover Readers works to further strengthen the human-animal bond by helping children, ages 5-11, develop the steps necessary for empathy: recognize human and animal emotions, share emotions and regulate emotions in order to connect in positive ways with others.

Dog and boy

The RedRover Readers Workshop includes:

  • Exploring the link between social and emotional Learning and RedRover Readers
  • Showing how stories about animals illustrate the human-animal bond
  • Using questions to generate critical thinking
  • Sharing tips for reading aloud and for effectively working with children
  • Demonstrating the relationship between reading and developing empathy
  • Implementing the RedRover Readers curriculum
  • Ongoing support from the RedRover Readers staff

Watch the RedRover Readers program in action...



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